What not to miss in Amritsar?

The quick answer is Mouth Watering Amritsari Dishes!

Amritsar is the city of Shri Harminder Sahib Ji also known as Golden Temple famous for its delicious cuisine.

For Punjabi’s- Food is Everything and no one can savor the fatty delicacies in all its true splendor like Punjabi does. We can also say ‘Amritsar’ is the best place or home to the best food in the world. From Dhabas to the langar in the Golden Temple and from iconic shops in the small alleys of Amritsar to the street vendors, this is the one place where all kinds of foodies will find place.

There are lots of famous delicious cuisine found in Amritsar:

1. Guru ka Langar or Kadah Parshad
2. All India Famous & Yummy Amritsari Kulcha
3. Kesar Da Dhaba
4. Bhrawan Da Dhaba
5. Crystal Restaurant
6. Bridjwasi Chat & Tikki
7. Kanha Puri
8. Ahuja’s & Gian Chand Lassi
9. Guru Raam Dass Jalebi Wale
10. Beera Chicken
11. Chawla Chicken

Amritsari Kulcha is one dish which could be on the must-try list of anyone visiting the holy city ‘Amritsar’. Experience the cuisine of Amritsar like the locals with the locals. While some of these places are non descriptive and so hard to find online, they serve the most credible Amritsar Experience!

Facts About Golden Temple Amritsar

Golden Temple in Amritsar – The Iconic Landmark of Punjab! It is located in the city of Amritsar in one of the northern states of India, Punjab. It is the most sacred religious centre for Sikhs. Religion or Faith have no bar here. The sancity of temple will deeply touch your heart. The temple gets the ‘Golden’ in its name from the gold plated dome, which can be seen from a distance as you approach this mesmerzing and iconic building. There are also different names of ‘Golden Temple’ named as ‘Shri Darbar Sahib’ and ‘ Shri Harminder Sahib’. The notion of the golden temple as well as its design is credited to Guru Arjun Dev Ji, while the foundation was laid down by a Muslim saint Hazrat Mian Mir Ji of Lahore.

The alluring building of the Golden Temple is surrounded by lake. People of all religions come here in huge numbers to offer prayers and take a dip in this holy lake. You can feel the devotion and peace everywhere in surroundings of temple. There is also ‘Langar Ghar’ in the temple where food cooked and served to all people freely. There people of different communties sit together in the rows on ground to taste the delicious food. Considering this place, around 30,000 people bow their heads on average per day or especially on weekends which is truely amazing. Also the “ Kadah Parshad” is most appetizing dish. The long wait in the queue to get inside the the golden temple is totally worth it. Both the sunrise and sunset are glorious in the premises of the Golden Temple. As the sun sets, the temple is bathed in beautiful yellow and different coloured lights.You can simply wander around and enjoy the serenity and beauty of the place on your first visit and come back again to explore the rest.

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